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    Path of Travel

    The Path of Travel tool which was first introduced in Revit 2020, now has a number of enhancements that improve upon the version 1.0 of the tool that we saw last year. Included are easy ways to view and adjust different components of your analysis.

    This underused tool is ideal for Building Evacuation or Obstruction Analysis. It can help with Fire Regs, identifying potential issues when moving large pieces of equipment around site or Facilities Management.

    A suggestion I made recently to a Mechanical Building Services company was to run the Path of Travel to highlight the proposed route of ducting. This allowed then to highlight potential issues prior to primary design.


    1. Modify Start and End Points: Use grips to reposition start and endpoints on a path of travel.
    2. Reveal Obstacles: Visibility mode that allows you to inspect the view and understand which elements     analysed as obstacles during route analysis.
    3. To Room/From Room Parameters: To Room and From Room parameters are enabled to display in the Properties Palette and can be used in schedules.
    4. Add and Remove Waypoints: Add and remove waypoints along a path or travel line to have more direct control over the path.

    Go to the Analyse Tab, Route Analysis Panel


    Add any Obstacles


    Pick a start point (1), say a room/office door, then select a fire exit (2).


    It’s a great tool and every discipline could find a use for it.