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    Design Centre and Tool Palettes

    By using the Design Centre and Tool Palettes you can keep blocks accessible to insert into any drawing.

    Design Centre

    The Design Centre organises access to drawing content and allows you to browse sources.

    Press Ctrl+2 or command ADC to open the Design Centre.

    Tool Palettes

    AutoCAD Tool Palettes puts your commonly used blocks at your fingertips. Instead of endless searching, you can create palettes and palette groups for each set of blocks.

    Press Ctrl+3 or type command TOOLPALETTES to open the Tool Palettes.

    There are 2 ways to use the Design Centre to add blocks to a tool palette:

    1. Drag the block to the palette tab.
    2. Convert a folder to a palette tab.


    Fig 1: Convert Blocks from the Design Centre to a Tool Palette


    In the example above, blocks from the Home-Space Planner.dwg file have been exported on to a new tool palette. By right clicking in the blank area underneath the previewed blocks in the Design centre and selecting Create Tool Palette the new palette is created. The palette is automatically named for us.