AutoCAD’s Fast Selection Express Tool

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AutoCAD has many ways to select objects for editing drawings. A commonly forgotten feature is within AutoCAD’s Express Tools, Fast Select. This command selects all elements that touch a selected object.
The command works with lines, polylines, circles, arcs, attributes, text, ellipses and raster images.

To access the command simply type in “FS” on the command prompt and click on the element that you wish to behave as the selection entity. Depending on the FSMode setting the desired elements will highlight.

FSMode set to OFF will only select elements that are touching the selection object.


FSMode set to ON will select all elements touching the selection object, plus any objects that touch those objects. For example, imagine a magnet picking up a load of paper clip elements, the magnet will pick up any paperclips that are touching each other and are magnetised.


In the case with all Express Tools, Fast Select is not available with AutoCAD LT.

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