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Is it possible to add GetMapping Aerial Imagery as a Basemap to ReportIt?


Yes, this can be done and looks great!

Here is an existing FAQ detailing how to add a Web Map Service (WMS) as Data Layer into any of your ReportIt Incident Projects.

In that FAQ we detail how to edit an existing WMS URL so that it is compatible with ReportIt and allows WMS layers to render. Here is an example of a ReportIt Incident using the Environment Agency Flood Sea Zones WMS. Report can be used for Incident Reporting, but its light weight nature means it is also perfect for your Public Facing Web Map requirements.


If you wish to use a WMS such as the GetMapping Aerial Imagery as a Basemap in ReportIt, you will need to make the same changes to the original URL.

Here is an example of the WMS Url that works as a basemap within MapThat -

However, for this WMS to render in Report, the URL will need changing:

1 – Change the EPSG value from 4326 to be 3857
2 – Change the value of srs to be crs
3 – Add the following text onto the end of the URL - &transparent=true

So it becomes:

Use the updated WMS URL as a new BASEMAP in the ReportIt Admin Forms, and associate it to the Incident.


…. And now your ReportIt Incident projects can utilise GetMapping Aerial Imagery WMS feeds as a Basemap option.


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