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    The “Break at Point” command has been with AutoCAD for a number of years, however it’s not been that easy to use.

    The “Break at Point” command in AutoCAD 2021 has been enhanced to be more productive, easier to use and more accurate, it can be applied to “Open” objects, such as “Lines”, “Arcs” or “Open Polylines” and will break the selected object into two segments at the specified point.

    To Access this command, expand the “Modify” panel in the “Home” tab of the ribbon menu, as shown in Figure 1.


    The “Break at Point” command can also be used in conjunction with “Object Snap Tracking” to break the object in relation to either an “End point” or a “Midpoint” of the selected object.
    To Break an object at a point in relation to the “End point” of the line, select the “Break at Point” command and select the object to break in this case a horizontal line.
    Hover over the end of the line, but do not select it, this “End point” will be used as the “Tracking point”.
    A small green cross is displayed. This is tracking indicator, as shown in Figure 2.



    Move the crosshair along the line in the direction of the “Break”.
    Type in the required distance from the “Tracking Endpoint” which will create the “Break”. In this example I have used a value 30 to break the line into two segments, the first being 30 units from the end of the line.
    To confirm the “Break” is correct, select the “Line”, open the “Properties” dialogue box, the length of the line is displayed in the “Geometry” section, as shown in Figure 3.


    Figure 3.

    Pressing “Enter” will repeat the command, since it was the last command used.