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    The Quick Access Toolbar can be customised by adding, modifying or deleting commands. This enables you to add your favourite command(s) to the toolbar so that its easily accessible.


    For those commands that you use on a common basis, but they seem cumbersome to access, you can either create your own partial ribbon with your own specific Tabs and Panels (time consuming) or customise your Quick Access Toolbar (very quick). This blog is also applicable for all vertical versions within One AutoCAD® i.e. AutoCAD®, AutoCAD® Architecture, AutoCAD® Electrical, AutoCAD® Map 3D, AutoCAD® Mechanical, AutoCAD® MEP and AutoCAD® Plant.

    As an example, let’s add the Update Signal References command to the Quick Access Toolbar. For those with a different version of AutoCAD®, simply choose a command that’s cumbersome to access.

    Select MN_-_E2.pngand then MN_-_E3.png

    A list of all available commands will appear:


    By selecting the dropdown, you can filter the commands on AutoCAD® commands, the vertical version of AutoCAD® e.g. Electrical, Express Tools etc.


    In the Search command list section, type “update signal”, or the command you wish to add. The list will refresh automatically with any text typed:



    Left click on the command you wish to add, hold and drag onto the Quick Access Toolbar to the position you require.

    Select MN_-_E8.pngto apply changes made. 

    Select MN_-_E9.png

    If you wish to remove a command from the Quick Access Toolbar, simply right click over the command and select Remove from Quick Access Toolbar.