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    The DynamicMaps Team at Cadline are pleased to announce that in our latest release of MapThatv4.3.0 – we have updated the MyCommunity Tool to provide a Popout Window option and a PDF Report version!

    The MyCommunity Tool allows any User to generate community driven statistics for any location. These include:

    • Summary Statistics such as Ward Name, Councillor, Postcode, Bin Collection Days
    • Constraint Information including analysis to show if a location is affected by Flooding, Planning Control, Conservation Area Restrictions
    • Where’s My Nearest allowing you to automatically calculate the nearest Schools, Post Offices, Food Banks etc…

    In the previous versions of MapThat the MyCommunity Tool sits only within the Left Menu Pane, accessed via the Map Tools Menu.


    The Tool has now been updated with a button to activate the Popout Window.



    The Popout Window has all the MyCommunity Statistics that are generated based on the Users current location, but the window is far larger and easier to navigate. We have also added the geographic details for the Users current location, including the Postcode and Easting and Northing.




    The MyCommunity Popout Window also has a PDF Download button which, when pressed, downloads the MyCommunity Statistics into a printable Report that you can Print and Share with colleagues.



    We look forward to receiving our User feedback on the updated MyCommunity Tool and enhancing its analytical capabilities to keep meeting the needs of all our clients.




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