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    The MN_-_E2.pngProject Task List icon is accessed from the Project Manager. The icon is normally greyed out, but it becomes visible and available when a task needs to be performed on the current activated project.

    Why does this occur?

    When working on a project there may be times when a change on one drawing triggers changes on another drawing(s) within the project. If AutoCAD® Electrical is unable to make those changes e.g. the drawing is open by another user, or the drawing is not checked out of Vault because of admin reasons then the Project Task List icon is invoked. In addition when making multiple changes that affect multiple other drawings, you may wish to actively select Task to suspend the changes.

    Each project can have its own task list. If there are pending tasks for the active project, the Project Task List icon on the Project Manager is enabled.


    When this happens, a <<project name>>_update.mdb file is created within the specific projects directory & selecting the Project Task List icon will reveal the changes required to update the affected drawing changes.


    Details for each task include user name, file name, installation code, location code, component tag, type, status, attribute name, old value, new value and current value.
    Select the pending tasks to update or MN_-_E5.png

    Select MN_-_E6.png

    If you are working in a shared project environment, then it is better to update the drawings sooner rather than later to ensure that the other users accessing the same project see the latest versions of the drawings.  If you are the only one editing a project, you may prefer to add tasks to the task list and execute the task list after you have finished.

    If you have MN_-_E7.pngCombined Installation and Location TAG Mode selected in your Project Properties, the Project Task List may advise to update the Installation and Location values within drawings (dependent upon changes). If the Installation and Location values match the drawing defaults, then the change isn’t necessary.

    MN_-_E8.pngReview the changes before accepting them. Depending on what changes were performed within your drawings, you may not want to accept a particular change. It is strongly recommended to firstly review and then accept the changes and let AutoCAD® Electrical do them. If you do not perform the changes, child components may become "disconnected" from parents, or schematic items will no longer match panel footprints and vice-versa.

    When a change is written to the Task List, the old attribute value and the new attribute value are saved in the list. When the Project Task List is run, it compares the old value in the task list to the actual current value of the attribute. If it doesn’t match then it is marked as STALE. In other words, something has changed on that attribute value since the update was originally written to the Task List. Therefore the update may no longer be valid.

    VALID indicates that the actual current value matches the old value in the task list. So the task list item looks valid.



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