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    The Cadline Localiser provides extra content over and above what is supplied by Autodesk® for AutoCAD® Electrical. This includes many thousands of additional manufacturers part content which is broken down into separate databases per manufacturer and content type. This allows the Cadline subscription holder to choose what additional content they would like to install.

    • Instructions on merging the additional content into an existing AutoCAD® Electrical SQL database can be found:

    Adding New Catalogue Content to AutoCAD Electricals’ SQL Database

    • You can see what’s new in the latest version of the Cadline Localiser here:

    What’s New In the Cadline Localiser 2021

    • You can download the Cadline Localiser here:

    Download the 2021 Cadline Localiser

    Additional Catalogue Database Content:

    The additional catalogue content is stored as 32 separate manufacturers parts databases and will be extracted into your

    …\AeData\en-US\Catalogs directory.

    Additional Footprint Database Content:

    The additional footprint database content is stored as 9 separate manufacturers footprint databases and will be extracted into your

    …\AeData\en-US\Catalogs directory.

    Additional PLC Database Content:

    The PLC database remains in *.mdb format so additional content is merged using the Project ribbon tab > Other Tools panel > MN_-_E1.png