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    By Garry Stockton


    Although you could create coloured Cell Rows in Revit 2020.1, it wasn’t something that was commonly known. Also, that feature didn’t work when the schedules were placed on sheets. Now Revit 2021 has been launched, Autodesk has made it a key feature for the 2021 platform and you can now place on sheets too. You can select which colour you want to use for each row.

    To use this great new feature, select and open a schedule within your Revit project. Go to properties, scroll down until you see appearance and click to open.


    Once open, place a tick in Stripe Rows (1), then select the open box (2) to open the colour palette. Choose the colour required, then OK and close.


    If you want additional colours for follow on Rows, simply drop the menu and select Second Row Stripe Colour.


    Once you have selected the colours, ensure ‘Show Stripe Rows on Sheets’ is ticked.