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    by David Wren

    Our Cymap Team is pleased to announce the release of Update 1 for Cymap 2020, which includes a number of enhancements and new features for you to benefit from.


    • We have made several additions and revisions for Lighting calculations when utilising LED Luminaires.
    • The Cable database has been updated to use the larger sized single core Aluminium Conductors.
    • Improved Display Options for 'Ways' in Final Boards giving you the options to select which details are displayed.
    • Improved stability when copying and pasting Final Boards in large Wiring projects.
    • CPD database improved to allow greater range of trip ratings for Earth Leakage Protection Settings and more discrimination tables added.
    • Improved stability for cable temperatures calculations.
    • Wiring's Detailed Cable Entry dialog now also displays the 'Description' details from the cable database.
    • Improved stability when setting up TP&N or TP supplies for Electric Vehicle charging sockets.
    • ‘Active Cores’ can now also be displayed in the Schedules for Final Circuits.
    • Mechanical Changes

      Updated compatibility links to new TAS 9.5 update when importing directly from TAS.



    •  Ability to isolate circulating return pipes for quick and easy analysis.

    • Cymap_2020_DW_03.png
    • New increased tolerance setting to allow multiple floor thicknesses to be imported from TAS.

    • Cymap_2020_DW_04.png
    • Tankhead/pressure head limits increased for improved flexibility.

    • Cymap_2020_DW_05.png
    • As always, please also refer to the product Help when in the program (by use of the F1 key) for more details.

      Thank you for your continued support and stay tuned for further product developments.



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