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    by Justin Doughty


    When performing the UK installation of Revit 2021, you may experience some issues afterwards where content folders are missing, or links are pointing to the wrong place. After performing the installation myself a few times, I thought I would put together a guide on how to best perform the installation and resolve any issues afterwards.

    First when installing, make sure to select British English, or United Kingdom where possible:


    This should ensure all of the correct templates are installed in the right place and language set.

    Next expand down Revit 2021 on the Configure Installation screen. Here we need to tick UK Base Families. This will only install a limited amount of families.

    To get the rest of the families, we can see these are now a separate Additional Family Library:


    I would suggest to finish the Revit installation, then immediately afterwards download and install the Additional Family Libraries from the link below:


    The install also still points the Metric Library in Load Family to the incorrect “English” folder. To switch this to the correct UK folder, simply right click Metric Library and Edit Places.

    Change this to the UK folder as below:


    Finally the Help/F1 menu currently takes you to a not found page, as the language is ENG. As with older versions, this will probably be redirected in a future update, however you can fix this yourself using my previous guide:


    This should make sure everything works as per any previous UK versions of Revit.



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