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    by Dennis Collin


    Revit parts was a feature introduced several years ago. They provide an ability to split objects like walls and floor slabs as an aid for construction sequencing, detailing and schedules. However, sometimes when converting an object within an Architectural based project such as a floor slab to parts, the objects disappear! This post will show you how to overcome this issue.

    Consider a wall supported by a slab object in the image below, looking in plan aspect.


    Fig. Concrete wall, sitting on a slab.

    The slab displays in a typical floor plan, as it just reaches the bottom extent of the view range and because it is of a floor slab category.


    Fig. converting the slab into parts


    Once breaking the slab is broken into parts the slab and its parts disappear! However, the slab parts need to be seen to be able to accurately define references in order to break up the parts even further. This can be done either by changing the overall view range settings, or a alternatively use the Plan Region tool, to bring the parts back into view. The latter is best practice and is more likely to maintain display fidelity.


    Set the view depth offset to a value like -1mm below level to restore the slab visibility. The parts can then be divided up with references or sketch lines as desired. NB: If using reference planes, remember to name or number them!


    Fig. Identifying the lines of split


    Fig. Slab divided into parts.