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    By Nick Harris

    Our training task group has been working hard on optimising our current training courses for remote delivery. The technology that we use to deliver these courses has been specifically designed to ensure that the learning experience is just as effective as if you are in one of our training centres. The same experienced instructors that deliver our classroom courses deliver our virtual ones too. We limit the number of attendees to eight so that each one receives the right amount of individual support and attention. We are even able to observe how each attendee is progressing with the exercises we set them and steer them in the right direction when they need our help.

    Over the last month we have delivered some of these courses to a cross section of customers with a resoundingly positive response. A couple of customers that were understandably hesitant to switch to remote training have given us some of the best feedback. If you are working at home the important thing is to take the course as seriously as you would if you are in one of our training centres. Turn up with plenty of time, remove as many distractions as you can, give the trainer your full attention and ask plenty of questions.

    We will shortly be launching a set of standalone, half day training modules. Again, the same trainers will be delivering the courses in our virtual classrooms, but we will be focusing on topics that have been specifically selected to deliver improved productivity in individual products.

    If you join one of our public scheduled courses, we are currently offering the following package:

    • An instructor led training course, delivered across the web, packed with interactive demonstrations, hands-on exercises and plenty of time to ask questions.
    • An individual Annual Subscription to the CADLearning support and learning portal.
    • 3 months post course technical support.

    Our current schedule of courses is listed on our website, but if you would like a course tailored to your specific requirement, please contact your account manager now to arrange a free consultation with our learning and development experts. Visit the Cadline Training Store to see a full list of virtual classroom training courses available.



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