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    By David Wren

    In Final Circuit mode, the Display Options dialog for the Way’s details has been improved. Previously, it was only possible to show one of the possible display options at a time.


    e.g. you could select ‘Way Types + Descriptions’, or ‘Cable Types + Sizes’, or ‘Lengths + Cable Types’ etc.

    The Final Circuit Options have been revised to make it possible to simultaneously show any combination of the possible options.


    For example, the illustration below shows the results of simultaneous multiple selections.


    Please note:

    • As a result of these changes, when an archived Wiring project is opened for the first time in Cymap 2020 Update 1 or later, the Way(s) details will be shown as the Circuit Lengths. Simply go into the Display-Options dialog, check the display options of your choice and save the project before closing it. The changed display option settings are then preserved as part of the project’s data.
    • If a null selection is made i.e. none of the boxes are checked, the default detail of 'Way Types and Description' will be displayed.




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