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    by Justin Doughty


    One of the recent updates to BIM 360 is the Public link. This allows the sharing of files from within BIM 360 projects with anyone outside of the project, without the need for any logins or permissions. Public Links are enabled per project, by a Project Admin using the steps below:

    1. Go to Project Admin from the menu
    2. Click on the Services Tab
    3. Click Document Management on the left
    4. Click on Advanced Settings and switch on “Public link for project”


    As this suggests all project members with View+Download permissions or above will now be able to create Public links. This is the point where you may want to review your project members and permissions. 

    To create a Public link, the users can then:

    1. Click the dots next to a file or folder and share, or select it and pick the share icon at the top
    2. From the drop down menu pick Share with public and choose a date for the link to expire
    3. Pick the Link option
    4. Choose which version of the file to share
    5. Click Copy to get the Link URL which can be sent to anyone


    The recipient of the link will only be able see a very basic screen with the file name, version, expiry date and a download button.




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