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    by David Lewis


    Use AutoCAD Point (node)

    This option applies the standard AutoCAD node point to the marker. This point style does not give users control over each point independently and all points are controlled using the PDMODE and PDSIZE system variables.

    Use Custom Marker:

    Using this option allows users to display a different combination of styles across their points.

    To define the custom marker style users can select components from the list of Custom marker styles.

    There are 5 options listed on the left and 2 on the right. Users can select from the 5 options on the left of the list, or from the 2 options from the right or can combine the options on the left and right (Fig 1).


    Use AutoCAD Block Symbol For Marker:

    An AutoCAD block can be used to define the point marker style. Users can select a block from the list, or use their own blocks to define the marker style, either by creating the block within the current drawing or by right clicking the list of blocks and selecting browse and navigating to a file containing their desired blocks.


    Note: Point styles can be scaled using the size options to the top right of the Marker tab.




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