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    by Garry Stockton

    When installing the new Revit 2021 currently, it downloads the 2020 platform Templates and Families. Once you have finished installing the software you will need the 2021 versions. They are there but you just need to know how to locate them. This blog will show you how to ensure you get the UK based content.

    So, you’ve downloaded Revit 2021 successfully. Go to the ‘Insert Tab’ (A), Load from Library Panel and select ‘Get Autodesk Content’ (B).


    Once selected, it takes you to your web browser and is set to Revit-2020-content.


    Select ‘2020’ in your browser and change to ‘2021’ and hit enter on your keyboard.


    Locate English - United Kingdom. Select 1 for Templates and 2 for UK based Families.


    Once you have downloaded, you will need to extract them to your Revit.

    Open Revit, Insert Tab and select Family Templates (1), you will need to load these from Locations in your Options.


    Then, Eng_Libraries (2) It will default to Structural Precast.  Drop the menu in ‘Look In:’ and you can expand the menu, to select RVT2021, Libraries, UK and open.


    Following the above process will ensure you enable UK Revit Content.




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