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    by Garry Stockton



    Why is this online Revit viewer ideal within your working environment?

    • It requires no downloading or installing of software
    • It accepts over 50 2D & 3D file formats including .rvt files
    • You can easily share the model via link, print or screenshot
    • It’s really simple to use and access
    • Ideal for non-Technical users/ projects managers/stakeholders

    To access this viewer, go to your preferred browser and insert the following link:


    Once you have chosen and uploaded your Revit file, it will begin processing your file for viewing. This takes a few minutes, depending on size of file.


    Application for use.

    If you have a colleague who is giving a presentation to a lot of clients/stakeholders, no matter how complex or the number of 3D views, elevations/sheets etc, the viewer can help show many aspects of the project including exploded and section views as well as taking measurements.

    This can also be rolled out internally for use for non-technical users.


    The Autodesk Revit Viewer is a great tool. It’s especially helpful for sharing Revit models with people who don’t have Revit, whether they are clients, other consultants or colleagues in your own office.