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    by John Flanagan


    Revit 2020:  Room Layouts – Adding Furniture

    Many types of elements are added to a project using component families. These can include freestanding components, such as the furniture shown in the image below. Hosted components must be placed on the referenced element, such as the lighting fixtures.


    • Several components are included in the default Architectural template, making them automatically available in new projects. You can load more components into a project or create your own as required.
    • Components are located in family files with the extension RFA. For example, a component family named Desk.rfa can contain several types and sizes.

    How To: Load a Family

    1. In the Insert tab>Load from Library panel, click Load Family.
    2. In the Load Family dialogue box, locate the folder that contains the family or families you want to load and select them, as shown.


    1. Click Open.
    2. Once the family (or families) is loaded, click Component (Architecture Tab>Build Panel> Component>Place a Component) and select the type you want to use from the Type Selector.




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