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    by John Flanagan


    Revit 2020:  Creating Component Stairs

    There are two methods for creating Stairs in Revit . These are the Stair by Component method and the older Stair by Sketch method. Creating Stairs in Revit is a mix and match proposition based on your needs. The Component Stair is parametric, but sometimes less subtle. Stair by Sketch method is useful when creating  custom shaped stairs. When creating component based stairs, there are three parts of a stair that can be assembled, as shown in the following image.


    Fig 1: Component Stair Assembly


    Creating Runs

    To create a component stair, you must first place the run elements. There are six different options available in the Components panel, as shown.


    Fig 2: Components Panel


    Component stairs can include a mix of the different types of runs.


    Tip: Stairs and Views

    When creating stairs you can work in either plan or 3D views. It can help to have the plan view and a 3D view open and tiled side by side. Only open the views in which you want to work and type WT to tile the views.