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    By Dennis Collin



    How to achieve the above condition is often asked when trying to model a certain feature in Revit. Getting stairs to behave as desired is a frequent challenge to many users who would like to get the stair object to finish at the slab level, rather than letting the slab become the final tread. This can be achieved by creating a special in-place family, sketching in a landing, or even embellishing the section with detail components, none of which is ideal.

    However, to achieve this condition easily, simply turn off the end with riser option when working with the stair flight.


    Position the slab as required and then draw the desired type of stair, whilst sketching the flight. It is important that the actual number of riser’s tallies with the desired or calculated number.

    Once complete, finish the sketch, apply join geometry conditions as appropriate and if required, add some reinforcement.