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    By Miles Nicholson


    A 3 phase device is made up of a parent and 2 children symbols. The child must be named exactly the same as the parent except for the 4th character. The 4th character is either 1 for a parent or 2 for a child.

    Therefore for 3 phase devices, where the child has the exact same name except for the 4th character, in the Icon Menu Wizard, select AutoCAD_Electrical_-_Creating_a_New_3-Pole_Device_in_the_Library_-_2.PNG > AutoCAD_Electrical_-_Creating_a_New_3-Pole_Device_in_the_Library_-_3.PNG

    Where the command line entry is:


    wd_3unit <<name of parent block>>

    For anything else where the 2nd+ device does not have the same name, or is a mixture of components e.g. 3P+N then follow this article: