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    By Florentina Stirbu


    Inventor 2021 is now out and it’s as appealing as it gets, but this release has more to offer than just looks.

    At the top of my list sits the much-requested Dark theme – the 2021 Inventor features a preview of it, but some UI elements are to be enhanced further.

    To try out the new theme, go to Tools-> Application Options -> Colors -> UI Theme


    Property panels are now available for more commands, such as Coil, Decal, Split and Thicken.


    The Tube & Pipe file naming has been improved as well and it’s now possible to specify how the Mirror & Copy commands create files and folders.

    File -> Options -> File -> File naming defaults

    In following blogs, I’ll get into the detail of the new functionality enhancements, but I’ll list my personal favourites below:

    Measure command available in drawing environment (also in Inventor Read-Only!)

    Very happy to have this – no need to add unnecessary dimensions anymore!

    Tools -> Measure

    A new dimension type, Parallel diameter, is automatically created for the silhouette edge of a cylindrical feature (also available via the right-click menu).


    Frame generator – trim/extend to curve


    Window multi-selection is now available in a part file for the bodies and faces and edges filters.

    The Sheet Metal environment is also getting a useful addition; you can now set a flange angle by reference.