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    by David Lewis

    In the surface properties, the definition tab allows users to filter, refine, reorder and review data and features that have been added to, modified and or removed from the surface.


    The definition tab has 3 Definition Operations; Build, Data Operations and Edit Operations.

    • Build: Allows users to control how the surface is constructed. Here users can define whether to exclude levels, set maximum triangulation angles and triangle sizes etc.
    • Data Operations: Allows users to filter out entire data types that have been used to generate the surface, for example exclude points files, DEM files, boundaries and breaklines etc. 
    • Edit Operations: Allows users to toggle on and off entire edit commands enmass.


    Operation Type

    The operation type displays a record of all the surface data additions and surface edits. Each operation can be toggled on and off individually by selecting / deselecting the check box beside each of the operations.

    The order of each of these operations can be reordered using the up and down arrows on the left of the dialogue box. The operation at the top are applied to the surface first.

    Note: This is a useful tool, particularly when working with pasted surfaces.