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    By Miles Nicholson


    The Cadline Localiser provides additional manufacturers content that can be migrated into the Catalog Database. New versions of software such as AutoCAD® Electrical 2021 have additional manufacturers content that can also be migrated into the catalogue database by using the Project ribbon tab > Migration Utility. This utility however is ONLY for databases in the Microsoft® Access MDB file format!

    How do you get the additional content from the Cadline Localiser, or indeed new content from a newer version of AutoCAD® Electrical into your existing AutoCAD® Electrical SQL database?

    First of all, you should have installed the Autodesk® Content Migration Utility. If you haven't, then select Install Tools & Utilities > Autodesk Content Migration Utility from the AutoCAD® Electrical media setup:


    You can use the Project ribbon tab > Migration Utility to merge the <<manufacturer name>>.mdb files into one mdb file if you wish before you start. The instructions for doing this are described in the Installation & Operational Guide for the Cadline Localiser. This simply means you only have one mdb to migrate into SQL, OR you can pick and choose the <<manufacture name>>.mdb file you want and migrate directly into SQL, one at a time. It doesn’t make any difference which method you pick although the SQL importing of data is quicker.


    Select AutoCAD_Electrical_2021___Adding_New_Catalogue_Content_to_AutoCAD_Electricals__SQL_Database_-_4.PNG to browse to the SQL server location:


    Select AutoCAD_Electrical_2021___Adding_New_Catalogue_Content_to_AutoCAD_Electricals__SQL_Database_-_6.PNG

    • Select the additional <<manufacturers name>>.mdb from the Cadline Localiser installation
    • Select the catalogue database name defined in SQL
    • Select the additional <<manufacturers name_footprint lookup>>.mdb from the Cadline Localiser installation
    • Select the footprint database name defined in SQL



    Select AutoCAD_Electrical_2021___Adding_New_Catalogue_Content_to_AutoCAD_Electricals__SQL_Database_-_8.PNG

    The following dialogue will be displayed:


    Select AutoCAD_Electrical_2021___Adding_New_Catalogue_Content_to_AutoCAD_Electricals__SQL_Database_-_10.PNG to repeat the process for additional manufacturers part and footprint databases.



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