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    By Miles Nicholson


    For those who remember, it used to be possible to perform a global search within the catalogue lookup prior to the 2015 release, but accessing a large parts database was cumbersome. AutoCAD® Electrical 2015  introduced the new interface of the Catalogue Browser for accessing the catalogue content. Enter your search criteria and select from a list of catalogue values that match your search criteria brought about the instance access of the parts database. This, however, lost the ability to perform a global search. Therefore one of the top voted ideas in the AutoCAD® Electrical Ideastation is now available in this release. With the Global Search functionality, the Catalogue Browser can now search for catalogue data across the tables. You can, of course, also search within the current parts category only.

    This is extremely useful when a part is in another parts category table.

    In the Catalogue Browser, click Global Search to search data in all the available tables.


    The Catalogue Global Search dialog box displays the results of the global search.