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    By Nick Harris

    During this time of unprecedented uncertainty and disruption we can help in several ways to make sure your technology is working for you whether you are in the office or at home.

    Using your Autodesk software at home. Did you know that:

    • Customers with active single-user subscription access or a single-user maintenance plan may install and login into a copy of the software at home if you don’t use a laptop at work?

    • Customers with multi-user subscriptions or maintenance plans can also use their software at home but will need to request a home user licence. Alternatively if you are taking a portable computer home and have access to the corporate network you can borrow a licence from the corporate pool?

    Using your software remotely. Did you know that:

    • Now customers with a subscription with single-user access can install Autodesk software in a virtual environment such as Microsoft Azure and access the software remotely?
    • Network components such as the Autodesk Network Licence Manager and the Vault Data Management Server can be installed in a virtual environment such as Microsoft Azure and accessed from any internet connected device?

    If you subscribe to an Autodesk Collection you have access to a number of cloud based services that allow you to share your work with your colleagues without needing to be in the office. For example Autodesk Drive is ideal for quickly sharing and viewing files  https://www.autodesk.co.uk/subscription/drive

    We have worked to make sure our customer support infrastructure is well prepared to help you cope with the disruption resulting from working from a different location. From helping you allocate software to your users, enable home user licences or offering guidance on connecting your home workers to your corporate data, we are here to support you during these challenging times. In addition we recognise that the working day may look very different and our CADLearning self-service learning and support platform is a great option for getting guidance on using your software whenever you need it.

    We are continuing to deliver our training courses remotely. Our standard courses have been adapted to cater for attendees working in different locations but are still delivered by the same team of experienced trainers. For some of our courses you don’t even need the software we are training you on installed on your computer.

    To see a list of available training course places visit URL for estore course listings

    Autodesk has also recently announced the availability of some of its cloud collaboration services at no cost for a short period of time to help customers share information whilst they are away from the office. Included in the offer is BIM 360 Docs for construction project file sharing, BIM 360 Design for construction project model collaboration, Fusion Team for ad-hoc design data sharing and Fusion 360 for cloud based 3D product design.  To understand how these services can help you work remotely, arrange a call with one of our product specialists. For more information about this offer from Autodesk, visit https://adsknews.autodesk.com/views/covid-19?_ga=2.222456091.102121949.1584873270-276704779.1581948498.

    Call us today and we will try our very best to help you minimise the disruption you are experiencing by making the most of your existing technology investments.



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