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    By Justin Doughty


    When working with projects in Revit, you may come across the need to transfer just one setting between projects without messing up any existing settings, or filling the destination project with unnecessary data.

    The problem is when you go to transfer project standards, you have to transfer an entire category, and not a single setting. In the example below I use View Templates.


    So here’s a simple workaround that doesn’t require any plugins or scripts. Use a new project as a temporary/disposable filter, to filter out what you need, with the process below:

    - Have your file open with the view template needed in it.

    - Start a new project from your chosen project template.

    - Transfer project standards and transfer all view templates as normal.

    - Go to View tab> Graphics panel> View Templates drop-down> Manage View Templates

    - Delete all but your chosen template and temporarily save this file.

    - You can now use transfer project standards in your final destination file from this temporary file, knowing that there is only one.

    This process can be used for transferring other settings, and Manage Tab> Purge Unused can help to compact the temporary file.



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