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    By Miles Nicholson


    Cadline have released the NEW Cadline Localiser 2021. The add on software coincides with the latest version of AutoCAD® Electrical (coming soon) and is suitable for AutoCAD® Electrical 2019, 2020 & 2021. The system requirements are as AutoCAD® Electrical.

    New Features List:

    Match Attribute Positions


    New command to match the attribute positions of one block to another (of the same block type). Available from the extras ribbon tab > Component panel > Align Attributes AutoCAD_Electrical_2021___What_s_New_In_the_Cadline_Localiser_2021_-_7.PNG

     Cadenas PARTsolutions


    New command to access Cadenas PARTsolutions 2D/3D content easily. Available from the extras ribbon tab > Cadline panel

    Additional Manufacturers Part information

    Over 20,000 new parts have been added to the following manufacturers catalogues. These can be appended easily into your existing AutoCAD® Electrical default_cat database.

    • ABB
    • EATON

      - The GENERIC TRUNKING parts tie up with the WD_DINRL.xls parts thus meaning that when trunking is drawn, the bill of materials shows complete part description information.


    Additional Manufacturers Footprints/Footprint Data

    • ELDON
    • P+F

    New CUIx for Pneumatics / Hydraulics / P&ID’s


    This makes it easier for the pneumatic, hydraulic or P&ID engineer to utilise the functionality of AutoCAD® Electrical.

    Updated DIN Rail, G-Rail and Trunking

    • Now includes length information with a wipeout defined behind the LxWxH information within the trunking to make it easier to hatch or shade.

    Shaded Trunking Within Panel Layouts


    • In addition, the L, W & H attribute information can now be shown within reports for trunking, DIN and G-Rail sizing information.

    Adding Trunking Size Information Into Panel Reports

    • Trunking sizes have been increased by 4mm in the width and height dimensions to cater for the actual external dimensions of the trunking rather than the internal dimensions.

    Updated WD_DINRL

    • The generic AutoCAD® Electrical trunking command that utilises the WD_DINRL.xls file to create trunking and DIN rail has been updated.

      - Now includes GENERIC trunking rather than just manufacturer specific.
      - Some Critchley trunking parts are now manufactured by Betaduct.

    User Attribute File (DEFAULT.WDA)

    • The user attribute file has been updated to include additional attributes.

    WD_WEBLINK                                  Component Part weblink/hyperlink value

    L                                                         Trunking, DIN & G-Rail Length value

    H                                                        Trunking Height value

    W                                                       Trunking Width value

    This facilitates the ability to report on the above information within the AutoCAD® Electrical reports e.g. for bill of materials purposes & technical documentation production.


    Updated CUI

    • Match Attribute Positions under the dropdown for Align Attributes
    • Updated DIN Rail and G-Rail commands to facilitate additional size attributes
    • Revised Pneu/Hyd/PID ribbon bar

    Symbol Corrections

    • Library changes

      - Minor changes to some standard supplied library symbols to correct attributes
      - Changes to the \PANEL_mm\GENERIC\FP* symbols