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    By Martin Phelps

    When editing a  block, whether it’s a standard “Block” or a “Dynamic Block”, as with “Text” and “Hatching” it can be edited by “Double Clicking” on the object, but in the case of a “Block” the “Edit Block Definition” dialogue, is displayed as in Figure 1.


    The selected “Block” is highlighted in the list, by selecting “OK”, AutoCAD will move to the “Block Edit” section of AutoCAD as shown in Figure 2.


    If the user is new to AutoCAD and not familiar with this function, or the function is required to be disabled, changing the “Blockeditlock” system variable will accommodate this.

    By default, the “System Variable” “Blockeditlock” set to “0” enabling the “Block Editor” to open, setting this “System Variable” to “1”, will open the “Properties” pallet instead of the “Block Editor”.

    Setting this “System Variable” to “1” it also disables any other way of accessing the “Block Editor”, for example, if the command is either accessed via the icon in the ribbon menu, or by type-in command, a message is displayed at the “Command Line” that indicates this function is not available, as shown in Figure 3.




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