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    By John van Rijn

    When you don't have a referenced raster file or other information file (2D, like SHP, Dwg, just a pdf), or something else that doesn't contain information, no problem!

    Make a product/picture file of your scoop area. This can also be a simple screen dump.

    In order to guide the process, look for geographical similarities in advance to make the scaling possible.

    What to do in InfraWorks:

    • Load this picture using "data sources".
    • Place this input somewhere in your model, using "interactive placing".
    • Select the grid, right click, select "place by reference points".
    • Zoom in to your geographical point of the grid, place the first pinpoint here (blue, 2x click, becomes orange). Then zoom in to the corresponding geographical point in your model and place the first pinpoint here.
    • Repeat this until you have placed at least 2x pinpoints.

    When this is done correctly, your grid will be at the right location. Repeat this process if the location is not correct.



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