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    By John Flanagan


    AutoCAD 2020 – Modifying and Editing Polylines – Part 2

    Making Smooth Polyline Curves

    Look at the contour diagram in Figure 3. In this illustration, you can see that the contour lines in A are made with a polylines, but they have sharp edges at the points where the vertices of the geometry lie. In order to have a clear contour, we need to insure a smooth polyline at the vertices.


    To achieve this, type “PE,” then press “Enter” and select “Multiple” from the command line. Now, click on all polyline entities from the drawing area and press “Enter” again. Select “Fit” from the options in the command line and press “Enter” again to exit the command. You will now see that we have smooth curves that join from one end to another with arcs, maintaining a smooth curve form