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    By John Flanagan


    AutoCAD 2020 – Modifying and Editing Polylines

    Filleting Polylines

    If an object is drawn with a polyline and has several vertices, then a fillet can be applied with a uniform radius value on all of these vertices with a single command. For example, the pentagon in Figure 1 is made with AutoCAD’s polygon command using an inscribed circle of a radius of 85mm. The object type is polyline for this pentagon.


    To apply a fillet on all vertices, type “F” on the command line and press “Enter - then type “R” and press “Enter” again. Now enter the value of fillet radius ( in my example 20mm) and then press “Enter.” Now select Polyline from the available options in the command line as shown in Figure 2 below and click on any segment on the pentagon polyline.