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    By Dennis Collin


    You don’t need to originate from the planet Krypton to be able to fly around Revit models! With the latest version of Revit, there is an additional function making it much easier to inspect Revit models via camera views using standard computer game controls.


    This additional function can be found when opening a camera view. The fly function is located below the navigation wheel and Zoom commands on the Navigation Bar interface.

    A previous post here: https://www.cadlinecommunity.co.uk/hc/en-us/articles/360000941297-Revit-2019-Navigation-Tools discusses the navigation wheel which has been and still is, a useful tool for visual model inspection. Flymode is a quicker alternative and effectively does the same task. Switching to this mode disables the normal Revit shortcut keys and enables standard game control shortcuts which are also used by Unity Reflect, Enscape and many other visualisation add-ins. Any view changes can still be reset with the Navigation Wheel’s rewind function.


    To navigate the model use:

    • W, A, S, D (or the cursor arrow keys) for forwards, backwards, left and right.
    • Use the mouse to change where the camera looks.
    • Q and E for raise the camera position up or down.
    • , and . (Comma and Stop) to speed up or slow down camera movement.
    • Escape key to exit Flymode.
    • Use the mouse to change where the camera looks.