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    By Justin Doughty


    When creating a duct fitting schedule in Revit, not all of the information from the model is available to you straight away. By default in a schedule, you cannot separate those fittings with varying angle parameters, to know how many of each angle you have.

    Below is a very quick example of how this can be done, along with some extra tips to help customise your schedule further.

    -To schedule the duct angle in the project, set up a shared parameter in the fitting family. Give it an appropriate name and make it an Angle Dimension parameter. Once added to the family, in the Formula enter Angle, and this will automatically pull the value from the Angle parameter. Then when creating the duct fitting schedule, add this new shared parameter.

    -An Image parameter can be added to show pictures/diagrams of the bends. Unfortunately for varying bends, it has to be done this way. For all other fittings, that are fixed for the type, you can use the Type Image parameter in the family.

    -To make the schedule more inline with your standards, you can “Insert Rows” above the schedule. Also you can add your own logo with “Insert Image”.