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    By David Lewis


    An integral component of Civil 3D, used for accessing commands, styles and data is the Toolspace (Fig 1). For new users it signifies one of the biggest differences in the Civil 3D workflow in comparison with AutoCAD.


    Toolspace & Tabs Overview:

    Tool space is used to access the Prospector, Settings, Survey and Toolbox tabs.

    Prospector Tab: Used to manage design objects, data shortcuts and Vault projects.

    Settings Tab: Used to manage object settings, styles and other drawing items, such as point file formats, description key sets and grading criteria sets.

    Survey Tab: For managing survey projects, data and settings.

    Toolbox Tab: For accessing reports and subscription extensions and to add custom tools.

    As these components are an integral part of the workflow for Civil 3D users, knowing how to toggle them on and off is beneficial.