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    By David Lewis


    A very useful command for increasing productivity is MULTIPLE.

    If you want to repeat any command without pressing the enter key, or relying on the right-click menu then use the command MULTIPLE.

    1. Type multiple into the command line and press enter (Fig 1).

    2. You will be prompted to enter the name of the command you want to repeat, and press enter (in this example I will use the rectangle command so have typed REC (Fig 2).

    3. Start drawing. Each time you have finished drawing each object you will remain in the command and can continue to draw. This command is a big time saver!

      Example below – This was all drawn without the need to reselect my command, press enter or spacebar to repeat command and without the use of the right-click menu.


    4. To cancel repetition of the command press ESC key.