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    By Dennis Collin

    Last year I posted on how Dynamo can be employed to extract coordinates to a Revit schedule.


    The link for the previous article can be found here:


    In that previous post, it was shown how Dynamo can extract the real-world coordinates from a correctly positioned Revit model and populate both the schedules and tags with the correct eastings, northings and heights.  In this article I will show how we can take this information out to Microsoft Excel.


    Following on from the script written in part 1, we can obtain and sort the data prior exporting to Excel, obtaining the Column Location Mark and the Eastings, Northings and Height. The coordinate values are converted to metres with a simple Code Block node. The modified data is then combined and sorted into a new list which will then be driven to Excel. One thing to remember with the final list node, to set the lacing operation to cross-product for the entire list to be processed.


    The final section creates Excel column headers and pushes the previously sorted list out to a specified Excel file, worksheet and starting row and column. The Boolean operation node will ensure that Dynamo will overwrite any previously created Excel file with a newer version.