Revit Hotfix 2020.2.1 and Vault Update 2

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By Kim Hyde

Autodesk from time-to-time release product updates, these not only include fixes but also `Technology Releases’ that provide new and improved functionality.  Recent releases of `Update-2’ to both Vault and Revit unfortunately proved to be an issue when attempting to log into Vault from Revit where the following error message was displayed:


Following an investigation Autodesk has now released a Hotfix for Revit (2020.2.1) which addresses several issues; please refer to the following link:


Please be aware that if you experience the same error when attempting to log into Vault, in addition you will need to download and replace a Revit dll file.  A section of the Hotfix release notes refers to the following regarding licensing:


The link to download the replacement dll is as follows, once installed Revit will log into Vault successfully.

Please also note that a warning will be issued regarding possible harm when downloading the dll, this will have to be accepted to `keep’ to complete the download.


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