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    By David Crowther



    How can I set the default Routing options for MapThat?


    MapThat has a number of Routing tools, including the Routefinder, Find My Nearest and Travel Time tools. Each one when opened will have default options pre-selected.

    For example the Routefinder tool will define:

    Route Mode

    • Driving Mode
    • Walking Mode

    Route Type

    • Quickest Route
    • Shortest Route

    When opened the user can then change the default options as they require.


    In order for the MapThat Administrator to control these options, you can define them Per Project using the MapThat Admin Forms > Project > Edit Project page.


    Simply select the default option that you wish to assign from the list boxes e.g. RouteFinder Mode = W - Walking (instead of D - Driving).


    Then when the user opens the tool next, the RouteFinder Mode of Walking has been preselected.


    However, if a LIST BOX doesn’t have the correct values to choose from e.g. below where we only have the value of Q (Quickest) for the RouteFinder TYPE:


    We can use the Reference Codes module within the MapThat Admin Forms to add values to any list box.

    The Reference Codes Module is in the Administration > Reference Codes section of the MapThat Admin Forms.


    In the Admin: Reference Codes page, simply do a Search to find the List Box you wish to edit e.g. search for ‘Route’.


    As we can see , there is only one current value for the ROUTEFINDER_TYPE – Q. To insert another value to choose from we can simply create a NEW Ref Code by clicking the PLUS icon.


    Tip – if you edit an existing record you can copy any complex text e.g. the Domain value:


    In the new Reference Code you will need to compete:

    • Low Value = The value to choose
    • Domain = The List Box to update
    • Meaning – A descriptive term for the value e.g. Shortest
    • Application – The DynamicMaps Application where the Ref Code is used. E.g. MapThat, Address Gaz (LLPG), Land Terrier etc…


    Once the new record has been saved, now edit the Project again and the RouteFinder TYPE list box will now have two values to choose from.


    The full details of all List Box Values used for MapThat Routing Tools are:

    • VE_PROJECTS.AreaSearch_Units
      • M (for Metres)…. default value in the update script provided.
      • KM (for Kilometres)
      • ML (for Miles)
    • VE_PROJECTS.RouteFinder_Mode
      • D (for driving) …. default value in the update script provided.
      • W (for walking)
    • VE_PROJECTS.RouteFinder_Type
      • Q (for quickest) …. default value in the update script provided.
      • S (for shortest)
      • M (for Metres) …. default value in the update script provided.
      • KM (for Kilometres)
      • ML (for Miles)
    • VE_PROJECTS.TravelTime_Units
      • KM (for Kilometres per hour)
      • ML (for Miles per hour) …. default value in the update script provided.



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