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    By David Lewis


    After enjoying one of our many ‘how to’ videos on Cadline community, a customer asked whether it was possible to reduce the number of points in a surface. In response we have put together a quick step by step in answer to this question.

    Step 1

    Create the surface.


    Step 2

    Access the Edit surface Tool by selecting the surface and taking advantage of the contextual ribbon.


    Step 3

    From the Edit surface drop down menu choose Simplify surface.

    This will open the simplify surface wizard.


    Step 4

    For the simplify method choose the point removal option and choose Next.


    Step 5

    For Reduction Option move the slider to select the percentage of reduction. In this example I will use 95% to demonstrate the impact on the surface. I will also change the maximum change in level to 0.5 so the change is clear.

    Note: This is an extreme example of the use of the tool in this situation and not necessarily the percentage and level changes that we would advise.


    Step 6

    After the values have been defined in the Simplify Surface: Reduction options select apply then Finish to view the results.