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    By Dennis Collin


    For years many graphics programs have had the ability to nudge elements around the screen like Illustrator. However, many seasoned AutoCAD users do not seem to know that AutoCAD has the same functionality. This feature was introduced in the 2012 release and is a useful function in the creation of schematic drawings and template setups. Indeed, this feature mimics a similar function that can be found in Revit and other design software.

    The nudge function can be accessed by holding down the control key whilst pressing the cursor or arrow keys on the keyboard.


    Nudge’s functionality is dependent on AutoCAD’s SNAP setting, if the snap setting is off then the nudge increment is 2 pixels on screen. Therefore, if you wish to make the nudge function move by a smaller amount, zoom in on the desired section of the drawing before executing the nudge function. The nudged item will follow screen X and Y offsets rather than the files coordinate system.

    If, however, accuracy is required when nudging, then enable the snap function (Press F9) and set the snap increments as desired. The nudge function will then move objects according to the current drawing UCS, following the appropriate X and Y ordinates. However, if drawing accuracy is paramount then the more usual AutoCAD move, and stretch functions should be considered.

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