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    By Dennis Collin


    Graphics programs like Illustrator have a very useful utility to move elements by a certain incremental distance. This ‘nudge’ facility is also available in Revit. The nudge function is very useful in moving elements in a certain way. I often use it to move annotation tags away from their components. It is also useful in setting up title sheets and legend views, controlling where sheet labels site in relation to the drawing title frame. The nudge tool is useful for MEP engineers who might need to adjust duct or pipe work to accommodate system routing issues. 

    To nudge an item, simply select it in Revit and press the arrow keys to nudge the object in desired direction. To move the element by an increased factor of ten hold down the SHIFT key whilst nudging.


    The nudge increment is based on the zoom factor of the current view, therefore focusing on the object will increase the sensitivity of the nudge and vice versa.

    This and other useful Revit tips are shown in all our training courses. For more details visit https://training.cadline.co.uk/ or call one of our team on 01784 419922.



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