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    By Ashley Rice

    Use Cymap to quickly create your floorplan layout and dimensions within Cymap Quick Plan.

    Open Cymap and select the Quick Plan program either within the mechanical or electrical tab. Get creating your DXF layout to then open in Cymap building, followed by Cymap Energy program as usual before sizing your M&E equipment.

    Step 1

    Launch the Quick plan program.


    Click on new floorplan and create your DXF name and give your dimensions.


    You can also create a cut out length and width, then choose your wall thickness if you are going to use double lines from the floating co-ordinates box.

    Step 2


    Drawing partitions, doors and windows using the insert tab is easy, and when adding an offset point to your floor plan your DXF will become a far more accurate layout.

    Simply chose to insert an offset point and click a corner.


    You can use View, Zoom In to get a more accurate placement of your offset point as shown below.


    Select Insert, Partition. Then keeping an eye on your X1 Co-ordinates you can accurately measure your placement of your partition.



    Using the Fillet command, you’ll be able to clean up any partitions that overlap.


    Step 3

    Inserting Doors, Windows and Text.

    Choosing your door width in the door details box allows you to place them where you see fit, again using the offset point learned above on all placements are advised for accuracy improvements.




    Finish off your DXF with your windows sizes and text as below.

    Then remember to save and load your DXF into the building program or public health.