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    By Gary Mann

    If you have successfully downloaded the latest release of Cymap using Internet Explorer and are attempting to install, double clicking on the downloaded file may bring up the following question:


    The list of programs is not usually helpful and does not offer any alternative to the programs in the displayed list. The reason that Microsoft Windows does not know what to do with the file is because Internet Explorer has removed the file extension “.exe” during the download. This file extension indicates what type of file it is and enables specific actions to take place. This happens for all versions of Internet Explorer. If it happens to you and you are using a different Internet browser, please let me know.

    The solution is simple, just use Windows File Explorer and add “.exe” to the Cymap 2020 file so it becomes “Cymap 2020.exe” (Don’t forget the full stop before the exe).

    As a final caveat, don’t just double click on the renamed file,


    use the Right Click on the file and select “Run as administrator”, regardless of the permissions you believe you have.