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    By Garry Stockton



    Color Splasher is a tool by BIM One that allows you to graphically visualise and verify the information in a model. It filters, selects and colours elements based on the values of a defined parameter to let you visualise if there are errors or a lack of information. User first selects the desired category, then selects a parameter and finally, sets colours for each value of this parameter.


    • Quick Review of potential problems
    • Facilitates monitoring of model quality
    • Faster than creating view filters
    • Override multiple categories at once



    Plugin for Autodesk® Revit® 2018-2020 to resolve clashes MEP systems (Pipes, Ducts, Cable Trays, and Conduits). The plugin allows you to adjust many parameters and find clashes in elements in the host and linked models.

    Main features of the plugin:

    • You can select the main elements in the host or in linked models or can combine it from both.
    • It works with any types of Pipes, Ducts, Cable Trays and Conduits.
    • Is saves insulation and lining for Pipes and Ducts.
    • It saves all parameters from the source element and you can select to copy or not mark value.
    • You can select any offset between the main element and clash with the MEP element.
    • You can select any angle of tracing between 1 and 90 degrees.
    • All last used settings are saved.



    Hiding an element in the view is quite a tricky move. It is an effortless way to mask single elements, however hidden elements are hard to manage.

    With this add-in, you will be able to quickly identify all the elements which are hidden in the active view. It is much faster and easier to use than the native "Reveal Hidden Elements" button.

    Hidden elements will all be listed and sorted in a new window, allowing you to choose the ones you want to unhide in the view.



    The Import/Export Excel allows you to synchronize data back and forth between Autodesk Revit and Excel. It also means you can alleviate the data management process by delegating tasks related to the model to team members that don’t use the model. You can export schedules as well as Revit standards to manage them in Excel. Once modified, you import the data back to Revit and your schedules or standards are going to be updated.


    • Data management without managing the 3D model
    • Better segregation of duties




    The Properties+ plugin allows you to select just the model properties you are interested in and displays them altogether in the same window. You no longer need to switch between tabs to see the properties you want. You can also use the plugin to quickly create searches for items with matching properties.

    Autodesk App Store link https://apps.autodesk.com/en