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    By Miles Nicholson


    Quite often clients will request that you use their title border. Furthermore they often insist that no changes are made to their title border which can be an issue with most electrical CAD/CAE programs. However, with AutoCAD® Electrical, you can map the clients title border attributes to the intelligent AutoCAD® Electrical fields with ease. The video explains how.

    When a new project is created, the user is faced with the Description dialogue box where information is entered about the project such as the job number, customer, site reference etc AutoCAD® Electricals’ Project Descriptions can be modified. The most common method is to create a text file called DEFAULT_WDTITLE.WDL and place this file in the project directory if the values are specific to the client.

    Project Description Prompts

    More information can be found within the following  link which explains how to define your title borders correctly. It also shows the options available when defining your company standards so that all future jobs are in accordance with "the standards" and that all engineers comply. Not content with just a title border, it shows you how to create a cover page and use Copy Project to create a document book as a starting point!

    Title Borders, Cover Pages & Drawing Standards

    AutoCAD® Electrical has the ability to copy the wire types of another drawing into your new title border so that you do not have to redefine.

    Importing Wire Types From Another Drawing