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    By David Crowther



    How can you change the logo image used on the MapThat Login Page?


    The image used on the MapThat Login page is configured within the LoginStep1.html file which is located at the root of your MapThat Application files.


    Opened in a Notepad document the LoginStep1.html looks like this.


    Firstly, create a new image and save it as a .gif file in the MapThat/ASSETS/ folder. Then simply rename the image tag above to point to your new image file. Save the update to the LoginStep1.html document, and the next time that you login the logo being used will be updated.


    Note – always take a backup of the LoginStep1.html before making any changes. Also, the LoginStep1.html file will be replaced when Cadline provide a new release of MapThat, so you will need to re-apply this change each time.

    If in doubt contact Cadline Support.