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    By Dennis Collin

    AutoCAD is a very popular drawing tool for many disciplines including architects, engineers, services and facilities managers. Its measurement tools, whilst having some recent improvements with the recent quick measure function, doesn’t quite deliver on some functionality that say a building surveyor might need.


    This is however, addressed via AutoCAD’s vast array of add-ins. One of these is very useful by obtaining certain information like coordinates, length, volume and area and placing the measurement as a multileader object.


    Once installed, clicking on the Multileader+ button on the add-ins ribbon provides a dialogue box providing measurement types and a range of options for prefixes, suffixes, layer placement and styles.


    Once the measurement options are chosen, the user just needs to select the required object to measure and then indicate the position of the annotation.


    The placed object will be placed on a specified layer, although the annotation can easily be modified by conventional means later if desired.


    The Multileader+ App is available for AutoCAD versions 2017-2020 and can be download and installed from here:


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